Burlington Pot Lights Give Old Sea Port New Life

Burlington Pot Lights are becoming very popular with many different types of homes and homeowners across Canada . They are the smallish round lights that cast direct lighting on a certain area of the room or object. The bulbs can be adjusted and positioned to accent artwork or throw more light in a darker area of the space in order to make it appear larger than it really is.

Burlington, Ontario used to be a bustling sea port but now the boats that are there are for recreational purposes only. There are no shipping giants coming through any longer. Most of the houses have a beach or ocean style theme to them and the pot lights help to make that theme come alive.

These lights are called pot lights because they resemble a kitchen pot or a flower pot. Some of them are recessed and go into the ceiling and others hang from their electrical cords and are much more decorative than the other style. Either way, they are low-energy and low-heat so they make economical sense as well as style and environmental sense.

This type of light works well in just about any room in the house. Children and baby rooms often have the pot lights because they don't need or want a lot of light. The fact that they can be adjusted to point in various directions is also a plus for a child or baby's room.

For the large round blubs that most pot lights contain, most of the light will come out at about 9 feet in a triangular pattern with the 'point' of the triangle at the top or the light bulb. With this being the case, a homeowner would want to place a chair or other type of piece of furniture under the pot light because it is where the most light will come from. The rest of the light is diminished as it travels past this area and would not be ideal for reading, sewing or playing a video game.

Many of the residents are having the Burlington Pot Lights installed on the outside of their homes as well as on the inside. This helps to shine light on windows and doors and becomes a safety issue that is taken care of with the lights. Burglars tend to stay away from well lit houses, especially those that have their lights 'trained' right on the windows and doors.

Inside the house, a professional electrician or contractor with experience would need to install the pot lights. If you do know something about working with electricity, then try it. The homeowner will need to turn off the electricity from the power source, usually a circuit breaker box, and then the electrician will be able to install several of the pot lights. If the homeowner has a pattern for placement of the pot lights in mind, she should show it to the electrician before he starts drilling holes.