Recessed Lights for Every Room in the House

Recessed Pot LightsRecessed Lights sometimes called pot lights, are installed up inside the ceiling so that nothing is hanging down in the way of a person's view of something else in the room. They are great for low-ceiling areas such as basements and kitchens or bathrooms.

Recessed lighting is becoming very popular with homeowners who are remodeling their homes instead of selling and moving to a different home due to the economy. Recessed lights, with various bulb options, are more economical to maintain and will save a homeowner more money over the long run. They will need to be changed less often and therefore are more environmentally friendly, there are less light bulbs ending up in the landfills.

These types of light fixtures should be installed by a professional electrician or lighting contractor because there is a fair amount of work that goes into creating a space, such as cutting out a large enough hole in the ceiling for the fixture to fit in. then there is the wiring that needs to be done. An electrician will make sure that the wiring is up to city codes so that there are no fines and more importantly, no fire hazards for faulty wiring. Even the best do-it-yourselfers leave the electrical work to professionals.

Recessed Lighting can also be custom lighting. The trim around the lights can be ordered to match a homes décor or color scheme. A wood trim is also nice in a basement setting or game room, den or home theater room. Recessed lighting in the bathroom is ideal for a glass trim to help deflect more light where it is needed, usually on the mirror where a person needs more light when getting ready – fixing their makeup, brushing their hair, washing their face or brushing their teeth.

A child's room is another great place for recessed lighting. Lamps and hanging lights could easily get broken by flying toys or balls. Recessed or pot lights are installed up in the ceiling and the bulbs are larger and heavier than the small, regular light bulbs. The fact that the bulbs are also directional and can be angled away from a child's bed or placed over a chair or desk, is an added bonus to these lights.

Recessed lights are great for a remodeling project in the kitchen. They can be installed near the cabinets and then the bulbs could be angled towards key cooking areas. Many kitchens have one large light that does not adequately light the entire kitchen or when a person is standing over the sink or countertop, they are blocking the light. With the recessed lights, this will not happen because there are typically several lights placed all around the kitchen.

Recessed lighting in the living room or TV room is also a good idea. Many homeowners like to sit and enjoy a book or crossword puzzle and having a light directly above the chair would help with this enjoyable pastime.