Cost of Pot Lighting for Residential Projects

Pot Lights CostPot Lighting is similar to many different things; they will pay for themselves after a time and save homeowners money on their energy bills. Pot lights should be installed by a professional electrician or electrical contractor because it is an involved process and requires knowledge of electrical wiring in addition to some construction work.

The pot lights need to be installed in the ceiling and some ceilings are drywall or drop ceilings with ceiling tiles. Either way, the electrical contractor must know how to open a hole big enough for the pot light and not place the lighting fixture into a beam or structural portion of the house because cutting into that portion of the home could compromise the integrity of the structure and weaken it. This is a bad idea and could have dyer consequences.

Some homeowners will purchase their Pot Lights at a home supply store and then have an electrician or electrical contractor install them. Although it may be a little more expensive, a homeowner should leave the purchasing of the pot lights up to the electrician. They know which ones to get for what type of ceiling or wall mounting job a homeowner has. There are pot lights for sloping ceilings and various styles for walls and indoor and outdoor pot lights.

Pot Lights CostFor Exterior Pot Lights on a two storey house, one contractor quoted a price of approximately $1,500 for a total of 8 pot lights. This is dependent on how tall the house is and what type of ladder the electrical contractor will need to bring with him, in addition to what type of material the home is covered in or made of. Brick homes would cost more than those covered in vinyl siding which is easier to cut through and work with.

For Interior Pot Lights Installations, the price is usually per pot light but there are other factors that will come into play for the pricing as well. If there is not a drop ceiling and the electrical contractor needs to go directly into the drywall, this might be a little cheaper because with the dropped ceiling, the ceiling tiles usually cover a ceiling with pipes and beams which is harder to place a pot light on. The pot light needs to be stabilized in a ceiling tile and anchored to the regular ceiling which takes more time and material.

The location of the pot lights are another determining factor in the price for cost of how much an electrician or electrical contractor will charge. The kitchen is probably going to be more expensive than the bathroom because there are more pot lights in the kitchen and usually there are short walls and other items that need to be taken into consideration when planning a pattern for the pot lights. A bathroom it typically square or rectangular and has only a few options when it comes to installing a pattern of pot lights.