Home Electrical Inspection

ESAElectrical Inspection Now a Requirement for New and Renovated Electric Work

It is now a requirement that all new electrical construction and rehabilitation of electrical work be inspected by the Electrical Safety Authority or ESA. Once a homeowner contacts the ESA, they will set up an appointment as soon as possible to come out to the home that has had the electrical work done on it and make a through and complete inspection. They will then fill out the proper paperwork and file it. There is a fee from the ESA for this service but it is a required service and there needs to be a certificate of completion and passing inspection on file at all times. This is most important when a homeowner goes to sell their house.

If for any reason a home does not pass the electrical inspection, the ESA will require a licensed electrical contractor redo the work. This will require them to take out additional permits for the work to be completed to satisfaction. Our company would be happy to assist a homeowner in making the necessary improvements to make sure the inspection comes out right because the work has been done correctly.

How to arrange for an Electrical Inspection?

A homeowner could call the Electrical Safety Authority at 1-877-372-7233 or visit their website at www.esasafe.com for additional information.

A homeowner has two choices when it comes to installing pot lights or other electrical lighting equipment. They can do-it themselves if they have some mechanical ability or know anything about electrical construction or they could hire a certified electrician. No matter which way a homeowner goes with his installations or rewiring, everything needs to be up to code and then a final inspection by the Electrical Safety Authority needs to be performed. There is no exception to this new mandate. All homes with new electrical work must have an inspection completed and on file. This includes existing homes that have had remodeling done on their lighting schematics for any reason.

Home additions, renovations and alterations all need to have an electrical inspection done by a certified electrical company that can report their findings to the Electrical Safety Authority. A homeowner is not allowed to obtain an inspection on behalf of a contractor. A contractor would need to contact the ESA themselves or have another certified electrical company perform the inspection. If a homeowner has done the electrical work him, they need to have an inspection completed within 48 hours of the completed electrical work.

Our company is certified and would gladly perform an inspection for a homeowner and file the completed, correct inspection with the ESA. The best way to have the completed inspection delivered to the ESA is by fax so that nothing gets lost in the post. In addition, we will always provide the homeowner with a copy of the certified certificate of inspection for their records. This is essential for a homeowner to have with their warranty and other important papers about the house. Know matter which company does the inspection, make sure, as the homeowner, you request a certified copy of the inspection to keep on hand.

We look forward to improving your homes electrical!