Pot Lights Layout for Maximum Lighting

Pot Lights LayoutThere are several different types and styles of Pot Lights, each casting various amounts of light on the subject they bulbs are directed at. The normal pot light, a 6-inch pot light, gives off around 9 feet of light in a triangular pattern from the point of the light bulb outward. As a person moves away from the light bulb, the light starts to diminish. This is for a pot light and light bulb that is directly above head.

There are many different pot light configurations that a lighting contractor or electrician will be able to install for different size rooms. The one lighting pattern that almost all lighting contractors and electricians will discourage a homeowner from going with is a single row of pot lights down the center of the room. This will be very distracting and will not provide the light needed to help make the room look and feel larger or warmer.

Pot lights are installed, for the most part, in a circular or square pattern around the room at the top of the walls on the ceiling. They are then directed towards the middle of the room to help open up the room and help to make it look larger. 

One of the other popular Pot Light Configurations is two circles or squares that overlap one another in the center of the room. This will almost make a row down the middle of the room, however, it is best to spread out the pot lights in that row rather than have them closer together. The two circles will overlap each other and provide an abundance of light for the room. This configuration would be a good one in a large room such as a great room where there is a living room and dinning room combination or a long basement room where it is divided into sections by furniture or large piece of gaming tables like a pool table.

Some rooms have several pieces of artwork or shelves full of collectibles in them and these rooms would need a different type of pot light configuration. Most of the pot lights should go directly above the artwork or shelves of collectibles so that the light bulbs can be adjusted to point towards the items and help to showcase these things. This is when other pot lights could be installed a foot or two behind and off to the right or left of the row of pot lights that are put above a picture or other item. This will help to bring more light into the center of the room and open up the space.

In a small space, such as a bathroom or a child's room, the pot lights should be installed in a square or circle around the room without trying anything fancy. There is not enough room to have a detailed configuration so a simple line of pot lights around the outer wall on the ceiling would be enough to bring in more light.