Milton Pot Lights Help to Light the Way

In 2006, the census came out and gave Milton , Canada a boost by showing it was the fastest growing community in Canada.  Many people began purchasing homes or remodeling the ones they have in order to sell them to new residents.

The latest remodeling and new lighting installation technique is pot lights. These are also known as canister or can type lights. They resemble a cooking pot hung upside down so that the light bulb is sticking out of the open area. This allows for the bulb to be positioned at an angle so that light can be directed over items. These types of lights make great spot light type lighting when a homeowner wants to showcase a piece of artwork or place more light over a pool table or other game type table.

When planning a lighting pattern for a space, think about what types of activities you and your family will be conducting in that area. If it's in a basement, which is where the Milton Pot Lights are pretty popular, these lights could be hung over a game or craft table. They are particularly popular over a chair where one does a lot of reading. The lights are very versatile and can be hung in various patterns in order to accommodate the most area with light.

Most electricians will tell a homeowner to place the pot lights on the outer rim of the ceiling, not a single line down the center. With a single line of pot lights down the center of the ceiling, it would distract from other things in the room and defeat the purpose of shining light on artwork or other décor. By installing the pot lights around the room, either in one large circle or two intertwined circles, the bulbs can be adjusted to give off the maximum amount light. 

Most of the Milton Pot Lights have a large bulb and it will illuminate directly under it for about 5 feet. The light will start to weaken and then disappear after about 9 feet out from under the bulb. This makes the pot lights great for placing directly above a chair for reading or other type of small hand work such as crossword puzzles or knitting.

There are two choices in pot lights for a basement, den, bedroom or kitchen. The lights come in 4-inch or 6-inch sizes. All of them are highly efficient lights with low-energy and low-heat output which is good for the environment. Many people like them for their basements because of the fact that they are flush with the ceiling and there are no parts hanging down to hit ones head on.

Even if a homeowner is 'handy' around the house, it is a good idea to call in a professional electrician to install the pot lighting. An electrician will know where to place pot lights, which area of the ceiling is part of the structure of the house and should be left in tact and not drilled into and how to make sure the electricity is hooked up properly so as not to start a fire.