Outdoor Pot Lights Installation Helps Illuminate Way Home

Outdoor Pot LightsMany homeowners are discovering the benefits of pot lights or recessed lighting for the outside of their home. Pot lights are named for their pot shape; they resemble a kitchen pot hung upside down so that the opening will hold a special large light bulb. The light bulbs are low-heat, low-energy yet high efficiency. This makes the pot lights very attractive for homes that are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly.

Outdoor Pot Lights can be installed under eves or the soffits of the house so that they will not get wet and ruin the electrical wiring. There are also water-proof outdoor pot lights made especially for homes that experience a lot of weather patterns such as snow or rain. These are sometimes called low-moisture pot lights and can be used where some type of moisture gets to the lights.

When having Outdoor Pot Lights Installed, it is best to have a professional lighting contractor or an electrician do the job because they will know where to place the pot lights and how to wire them for all weather elements. A discussion between the contractor or electrician and the homeowner should be conducted in order to achieve the best possible placement for the pot lights.

Having pot lights installed on the outside of the house will help to illuminate areas of the house that are typically dark. This will also help when a homeowner is not home and when they are coming home. It is nice to have a lighted home when returning after dark. Some of the pot lights can be hooked up to a timer to go on or off at a certain time or they could be placed on a motion diction monitor and this would help when a car pulls in the driveway.

Pot lights can be installed on the outside of a home and then the light bulbs can be directed to shine on windows and doors. This will help to deter would-be burglars because they do not like to try and break into houses that are well lit. Once a homeowner has had pot lights installed on the outside of their home, they should call their insurance company and see if they offer a discount for a safety upgrade. 

Many of the pot lights are manufactured so that they can be installed in existing homes. It would be ideal to Install Pot Lights when a house is being constructed, but this may not always be an option. People are adding pot lights to increase the safety and value of their homes and therefore they are an 'after-market' item.

In order not to have to change the light bulbs as often as a normal light bulb, it is recommended that a homeowner use a longer lasting light bulb. There are energy efficient light bulbs that last a long time and will save a home owner trips up the ladder to change the pot light bulbs.