Pot Lights Controls – Lighting Controls

Pot Lights ControlsThe latest trend in lighting is pot lights. These are a type of canister light that allows a homeowner to Control the Amount of Light with a directional bulb. Pot lights are great for above the sofa, desk or bed where an individual may want a sort of small spot light on what they are doing. This would include reading, watching a movie, working at the computer or maybe a hand craft that requires a great deal of attention to detail and therefore a direct light would be best.

Another great thing that comes from installing pot lights is their ability to save energy while providing a good source of bright lighting. When people think of conserving energy, they think of turning off the lights, unplugging electric appliances they are not using and turning down the thermostat. These are all good ways to save on energy, but installing pot lighting on dimmer switches is another way to help the environment and conserve energy in the home. This will also help to make the electric bill smaller, which is always a welcome help when it comes time to pay utility costs.

Many of the Pot Lights Have Sensors which allow control when the light streaming in from the sun through various windows is too bright or not enough to fill the room. With a shading solutions style controller, a homeowner can optimize their daylight and reduce cooling and heating costs. Light bulbs hooked up to pot lights and then programmed with dimmers use very little energy when they are dimmed. This is a great help to homeowners who are struggling with the high cost of energy.

Pot Lights Dimmer ControlsResearch has shown that people, who suffer from migraines and some autoimmune issues, will benefit greatly from reduced lighting, especially florescent lights. Florescent lights give off a powerful vibration that most people do not notice, however some do and it can be excruciating to them. With softer, energy efficient light bulbs in pot lights, where the lights are directional and can be aimed away or at a slight angle, a person can relive their suffering from florescent light bulb sounds and harsh glare.

Placing pot lighting fixtures on timers are another way to control the amount of energy the lights produce. A timer will turn the pot lighting on when a homeowner is in the house and needing light and turn them off when they do not need to be lit. A pot light timer could be programmed to turn on in the evening when the homeowners are at their most active and then turn off around the time they typically turn in to bed for the night. This not only saves the home owner the time it takes to turn off all their lighting, it will save them energy throughout the house.

No matter what type of light bulb a homeowner uses in their pot lights, connecting them to a dimmer and/or a timer will save them energy, money and time. And, in some case, the pot lights may help with health issues of someone in the family.