How to Change Pot Lights Bulbs

Changing Pot Lights BulbsMany homeowners are switching there traditional lighting sources for the newer pot lights or recessed lighting to save money and energy. Remodeling a home to accommodate pot lights is a good idea and one in which the lighting technique will pay the homeowner back over time.

There are a few steps to Changing a Pot Light Bulb if a homeowner wants to do it themselves instead of calling an electrician or electrical contractor to do it for them. If the pot light is pretty high, such as outside under the eves, it might be best to call on the experts to change the bulb. If it's in the basement on a drop ceiling, then it's pretty straightforward on how to change the bulb and a homeowner can do the job themselves.

It is not necessary, but some people feel they should turn off their electricity when changing light bulbs of this kind. If a homeowner is leery of electrical shock or electricity in general, then they could turn off their house's electrical power for a few minutes while installing the new pot light bulb.

First, remove the trim from the pot light. This is the round piece of trim or covering that is up against the ceiling that covers the pot light. It should be easy to snap off. If it is glass, be careful pulling it down. Set the round trim piece aside where you will find it when you are done changing the bulb.

Next you will see that the canister or pot light is exposed and this is where the entire lighting fixture must be removed. It should come out of the hole fairly easily, maybe with a little bit of wiggling; the pot light will come loose and slip out of the hole. Hold it tightly, although it is attached to the ceiling with a wire plug, it could still slip out of your hands and crash to the floor.

With one hand holding tight to the pot light, reach the other hand up and unplug the little socket or plug that is connecting the pot light to the electrical source. Do not pull the entire pot light away from the plug for this could pull the wires out of the socket portion of the plug mechanism.

Once the pot light has been successfully removed from the ceiling, it is time to change the bulb. The bulb should slip out easily and the new one slips inĀ  its place. Hold the pot light up to the opening and reattach the plug to the electrical plug so the light will work again.

Once the pot light is securely back in the hole, replace the trim circle which should easily snap back onto the pot light. If you have turned off the electricity, now is the time to turn it back on and turn on the pot light to make sure it works.

Many of the pot lights have low-heat, low-energy yet high efficiency light bulbs that will last a fairly long time. Typically, when one Pot Light Bulb burns out, the others will soon follow, especially if the pot lights were all installed at the same time.