The Many Benefits of Pot Lights

Benefits of Pot LightsThere are many benefits to Pot Light Installations for a homeowner. Pot lights are shaped like a cooks pot and hold a large, low-energy, low-heat, highly efficient bulb in them. These bulbs can be moved to direct the light towards anything in the room. One of the best parts about the pot lighting is that they are flush with the ceiling so this enables people to have them installed in a low ceiling area such as many of the basements with drop ceilings.

Many homeowners install pot lights near artwork or other home décor in order to 'showcase' the piece. The bulbs in the pot lights can be adjusted to shine a 'spotlight' on a certain piece of décor to help illuminate its artistic qualities. Having adjustable lighting is another benefit to the pot lighting.

Some homeowners are discovering that the pot lights can be installed outdoors, under eves and overhangs. This way, the light bulbs can be directed towards windows and doors. The lights can even be placed on a dusk-to-dawn timer or a motion detection style monitor so that the lights will go on at night or when a car pulls up to the house. Having the pot lights on a timer or motion sensor or simply angled towards a window or door will be a safety help. The lighted windows and doors with deter would-be burglars from taking a chance trying to break into a home where lights are illuminating where they want to be unseen.

Another Benefit of the Pot Lights being installed outdoors on the home is that some insurance companies will give discounts for this type of project. By improving the security of a home, this will save a homeowner on their chances of filing a claim for damages due to burglaries. A homeowner should check with their insurance company after installing pot lights to see if they are eligible for a discount.

The fact that the bulbs are low-heat and low-energy, yet high efficiency means that they do not need to be replaced as often as regular light bulbs. This will help the environment as well as helping a homeowner with their finances. They will not have to purchase light bulbs as often as with other types of bulbs.

Benefits of Pot LightsPot lights allow for many different configurations when planning out a room. A homeowner and an electrician could discuss the best possible placement of the pot lights so that the most light is gained from the 3 or 6-inch light fixtures.

An electrician or lighting contractor will be able to install the pot lights at a reasonable cost per light. Having an expert or professional do the installation is the preferred method because electricity needs to be done right or it could have serious consequences.

Adding pot lights to either the inside or the outside of a house will add value to the overall resale price of the home when the homeowner wants to sell it. This is a great bonus when considering Installing Pot Lights.