Main Floor Pot Lights Installation for Beautiful Accents

Main Floor Pot Lights Many homeowners are having Pot Lights Installed on their main floor to accent their collectables, artwork, home décor or add light where there was once darkness. Pot lights are a growing trend in lighting technology for new homes, remodeling and anytime extra light is needed without a lot of effort.

Pot lights are sometimes referred to as recessed lighting because the pot portion of the light is recessed back into the ceiling and unseen. The fixture is flush with the ceiling and allows for more directed light. The light bulb can be adjusted to shine directly on an object such as a piece of artwork or furniture.

Pot lights have a range of approximately 9 feet when they are illuminating. This is directly under the light bulb in a triangular pattern. This makes the pot lights ideal for placing above a chair where someone will be reading, working on homework or other small detailed work such as crocheting or crossword puzzles without the need for additional lights. As one gets further away from the pot light, the light they give off is diminished.

Main Floor Pot Lights come in 3-inch to 6-inch sizes so there are many variations an electrical contractor can come up with for a family room, den, bathroom or kitchen. It is best to hire an electrician or an electrical contractor in order to have the best possible outcome for the pot lights in your home. Even the handiest "do-it-yourselfers" should not attempt working with electricity unless they are positive they know what they are doing and how to install pot lights.

In the kitchen area, pot lights could help to illuminate a collection of cookie jars at the top of the cabinets. They could also light up the stovetop area or other cooking surfaces. Pot lights are great in the kitchen because other lights do not shine right where the light is needed the most, there light is disbursed over a larger area and a pot light will concentrate its light over a single space for additional help in the kitchen.

The living room is another place in which pot lighting would be idea for several reasons. The pot lights could be placed on a dimmer for mood lighting; they could also be placed above a chair or vanity table where someone would prepare for the day by putting on makeup or fixing their hair. The directional light bulbs make them ideal for this purpose and place.

Main Floor Pot LightsThe dinning room above a curio cabinet of beautiful dishes or antique items would also be an example of a good placement of pot lighting. There should only be a few pot lights in front of an item such as a curio cabinet or photo decoration. Too many pot lights will distract from the items on display and too little will not do the job of illuminating the items correctly. This is where an electrician or electrical engineer would be helpful.