Pot Lights in the Kitchen for Best Lighting Solutions

Kitchen Pot LightsPot lights are named after Kitchen Pots and are sometimes referred to as recessed lights. They are perfect for the kitchen area because they are placed up into the ceiling and will not have any parts hanging down to get in the way of someone who is cooking, preparing meals or other objects hanging in the kitchen such as pots and pans from a wire rack.

Many kitchens have a single light fixture in the center of the room and when an individual is standing at the counter or kitchen sink preparing a meal or washing dishes, they are often times blocking out the light. This would not be the case if pot lights were installed above the sink and countertops. The light bulbs inside these pot lights are adjustable and can be pointed in nearly all directions so the light can shine directly on a work area.

A lot of the newer or remodeled kitchens have a desk in them for writing out bills and doing other household paperwork. This is a great place to install pot lights above the desk. Because they give off so much light, there will be no need for an additional light source such as a lamp.

Pot Lights in the Kitchen will save a homeowner energy and money because these light bulbs are low-energy, high efficiency and low-heat. They will last much longer than traditional or even the newer environmentally friendly bulbs.

Many kitchens have cabinets that do not go all the way up to the ceiling so there is room to showcase flower arrangements, collections of old kitchen items and cookie jars. Pot lights would be perfect for spotlighting these collections or other décor on top of the cabinets. The lights could be angled towards the item so people can get a better view of what is up on the cabinets and not so much darkness as with a regular light in the center of the room.

Kitchen Pot LightingMany of the pot lights can be ordered with different style trim which is the round rim that lays flat against the ceiling to cover the hole cut out to put the light in. The trim could be ordered in a variety of wood-like styles, glass and metals. The metals could be colored to match a kitchens décor or remain a neutral color like white or cream to match cabinets.

Since pot lights give off light in a triangular pattern with the point of light coming from the pot light, it would make sense to place a pot light above a stove or sink in the kitchen in order to have good lighting. This will help the person who is washing dishes or preparing a meal to see what they are doing better. It is always frustrating when cooking or cleaning up and not have adequate light for the job at hand.