Pot Light Fixtures Make Pot Lights Pop

Pot Lights FixtureHomeowners across the country are discovering the benefits of pot lighting and how they can save families money on their utility bills as well as conserve energy for the planet. Pot lights are can or canister style lights but come in a variety of decorative styles to accent any room, indoors and out.

The two styles of pot lights are referred to as eyeball lights and down lights. Eyeball lights look similar to an eyeball, round and movable so they can direct light on an item or area of the room. Down lights throw a cone of light downward so they are good for placing above a chair, a row of them above the kitchen countertop workspace or other work areas like a desk. Eyeball lights can be place just about anywhere in the room and moved to direct light where it is needed.

Above the pot lights are the actual pots or fixtures that hold the light bulbs. There are many different styles of pot light fixtures available depending on a number of factors. A professional installer will survey the spots where a homeowner wants to have the pot lights installed. If there is only an attic above the ceiling, then the job is pretty simple and straightforward; if there is another floor, then special accommodations need to be made to place the pot lights in the ceiling, which is the floor of the second story.

Pot Lights FixtureIf the Pot Light Fixture is going into an attic, then there are many more choices and a larger pot light could be installed for additional light. The pot light fixture is usually a metal case that is not seen once it is installed in the ceiling. These fixtures may cost a little more, but they save money for the homeowner in the long run by adding fire safety to the home because the pot light fixtures do not get very hot like traditional lighting fixtures do. What's more, the low heat from the pot lights helps to deter bugs from entering the home looking for the warmth from the heat of traditional lighting sources.

Pot Light Fixtures could also be installed outside under small overhangs to provide much needed light near windows and doors. The light from pot lights pointed at a window or door will serve two purposes: one, the pot lights will give light to the homeowner when they arrives home and two, the pot lights could be hooked to motion detectors. The reason for motion detectors is for safety concerns. When someone tries to enter the home, whether the homeowner and their family is home or not, the pot lights will kick on and the would-be burglar will run away before ever getting close to the windows or doors.    

Pot Lights FixtureNo matter where a homeowner would like to have pot lights installed, a professional electrician who is certified in pot light installation would be the best person for the job. There are kits a homeowner could purchase at the local hardware store to install a pot light in an existing canister light opening, but they would need to be careful of the wiring and should know something about electricity.