Various Lighting Options for Pot Lights, Save Money, Save Energy

Pot Lights BulbsTo save money on their utility bills, many homeowners are switching out their ordinary overhead lighting for pot lights or canister lights. Pot lights are low-heat yet high energy and will help a family take control of their utility bills so they are not paying more than they need.

Pot lighting offers a homeowner two different styles of lights: the down lights or the eyeball lights. Down lights send a beam of light directly below the pot light fixture. This makes these types of pot lights perfect for above a chair, desk, workstation, kitchen countertop or other place where light is needed overhead. The eyeball pot lighting fixture is movable and a homeowner could position the light to shine on whatever needs the light in the room. Some people put the eyeball pot lights on the ceiling about a foot or so away from a portrait or painting so that they can direct the light to the framed work for more effect.

There are several Different Types of Light Bulbs a homeowner could choose from to enhance their lighting in addition to saving energy and money. One of the most energy efficient pot light light bulbs is the LED light bulb. Homeowners are switching their old, energy draining light bulbs to the LED light bulbs because they last longer then conventional bulbs. In addition, they gain their energy from a high-power 6 Nichia chip which burns at a cool 15C. This means the bulb and the LED chips will have a longer life span. Also, this translates to not having to replace the bulbs as often and will save a homeowner much more money than conventional or even the 'green' light bulbs.

Pot Lights BulbsHalogen and incandescent light bulbs need a filament to operate the glow of light. But halogen light bulbs are more efficient than the incandescent bulbs because of the glass casing surrounding the filament and halogen gas atmosphere. The halogen light bulbs give off a whiter, brighter beam of light and will outlast the incandescent light bulbs more than three times as long.

For pinpoint accuracy, the halogen lights are unmatched and when put in the eyeball pot lights, they are perfect to shine on any needed spot. There is one disadvantage to the halogen bulbs and that is they get very hot. There are specially made fixtures to hold the hot bulbs but with heat, bugs will come. This is one of the reasons people like the LED bulbs. They are low heat so bugs will not seek out the heat, however their brightness in not as 'popping' as a halogen bulb.

Pot Lights BulbsMany homeowners and commercial buildings are replacing their florescent light bulbs because of their irritating sound, which only some people can hear. They are a health hazard to very sensitive people. The slight buzzing noise, the harsh glare and the light smell of burning electricity can drive a regular person crazy, giving them migraines and other health issues.