Toronto Pot Lights Illuminate the House in Modern Style

Whether a homeowner wants to completely remodel parts of their home or simply add light where there seems to be more darkness, Toronto Pot Lights are the new and modern idea for lighting techniques. Pot lights resemble a planter or cooking pot with a light inside and the light can be directed to a certain spot in the room to throw more light on a picture, work area or any place that would benefit from additional light.

Some of the lighting patterns the pot lights are placed in are around the outer wall because this is where there is less light in a lot of homes. Many contractors will use the pot lights in a basement area to transform it into a livable, inviting lighted space for families to gather and watch television or entertain guests. These upside down U-shaped lights work well in many rooms where entertaining or more people are going to gather rather then in bedrooms.

Electricians or lighting companies who install Toronto Pot Lights need to have a strong knowledge of housing structures and where these lights can and can not be installed. Some of the pot lights are recessed and therefore go back into the ceiling and others hang down and just a plate or covering is placed on the ceiling. The same amount of wiring may be required for a recessed pot light as with a hanging light because with the hanging pot light, the wires are hidden in a cord that travels from the ceiling down to the light fixture.

Calling on a certified electrician or electrical instillation company is a better idea then trying to install a pot light yourself. Electrical work can be very dangerous and one needs to know which wires need to be separated and which are to go together in order for the light to illuminate the room. Electrician's not only know about electrical currents and lighting pieces, they know about construction, drywall, insulation and other types of wall boards in order to make sure they are placing the lights in the right openings. There are also building and fire codes that must be adhered to in order to maintain the safety of the house. A good electrician will know these types of codes.

With most pot lights, the large bulb will illuminate directly under it for about 5 feet. The light will start to weaken and then disappear after about 9 feet out from under the bulb. Reading or sewing or doing any type of small work directly under the pot light would be ideal, but sitting further away from the direct light would not provide enough light to work without having another light source or possibly a magnifying glass.  

Pot lights will add much needed light to the kitchen, living room, fixed basement or any room in the house. In addition, switching existing lights to pot lights will add value to the home which will help when a homeowner is thinking about selling it.