Installing Pot Lights? Leave it to the Professionals.

Installing Pot LightsMany do-it-yourselfers want to try to install pot lighting in their basement, kitchen, and bathroom or outdoors, however it is one of the rare home improvements that should be left to the professionals.

Pot Light Installation takes someone who knows about construction because they must cut a hole in the ceiling at the right spot, not in a beam or a part of the structure of the house, and this person must know about electricity. The electricity must always be turned completely off before attempting to merge new wires with existing wires.

An electrical contractor or electrician will be able to form a diagram to show what the pot lights will look like when the job is completed. That is an outline of where the pot lights will be placed. There are several different configurations, depending on the size of a room, for where pot lights should be placed. A common mistake many do-it-yourselfers make is to place the pot lights down the center of the room. This is not a good idea and will not help disburse the light as it should be. It could also give the room the appearance of an airport runway.

Most of the pot lights are installed on the perimeter of the room at the top of the walls on the ceiling. The light bulbs can then be directed inward, to the center of the room where the light will make the room seem bigger. This will work with even the smallest of rooms.

Pot lights could also be installed outdoors, on the house, under the eves. This will allow them to remain relatively dry from various weather elements. There are specially made outdoor pot lights that can be installed where water and other precipitation can reach them. These can be ordered and professionally installed by an electrical contractor or electrician.  

Pot Lights Installed outdoors are somewhat trickier then those installed indoors. The installer needs to take extra precautions when drilling into the soffits for there are different wires and boards that could be part of the houses structure and should not be disturbed.

Although round, some of the pot lights have a square backing and this must be accommodated when cutting out the hole in the ceiling for placement of the light fixture. What the homeowner will see is a round light, but above that is either the 'pot' portion of the light fixture or a small square box, both holding wires to make the bulb glow. Sometimes on an existing home, the contractor may need to remove ceiling tiles or a portion of ductwork in order to reach the area where the pot light is going to be installed in order to place it where it needs to go.

There are many places in a house that pot lights will look good and function well. They will disburse light and help people to see better and make a room look larger. In addition to adding light to a home, pot lights will add value to the house when a homeowner decides to sell, only if they have been installed properly.