Commercial Pot Lights Installation for All Types of Businesses

Commercial Pot LightsCommercial Pot Light Installations should always be performed by a skilled electrician or electrical contractor that a business would most likely interview and then hire. The electrical company should have references from passed satisfied customers in addition to certifications or special training for pot light installations.

Pot lights, sometimes referred to as recessed lighting, are lights that install up into a ceiling or wall so that they are flush with the ceiling or wall area. This allows for more over-head room. For commercial installation such as stores, restaurants and office spaces, the pot lights are ideal because they will help to lesson the distraction of lighting that hangs down in addition to providing light that it directed on a desk, piece of equipment or merchandise.

Pot lights have a large, low energy, low heat yet high efficient light bulb that are directional and can be pointed towards anything in its path. The pot light bulb has a lighting range that comes out from the bulb in a triangular pattern with the point at the top, near the bulb and the wide part farther away; giving the item it's casting its light on the most light. This is typically about 9 feet.

Stores that sell various types of merchandise could use pot lighting to highlight different pieces of clothing, tools, appliances or so many other products so that shoppers are more likely to see them in a better light. This may also have the shoppers wanting to investigate these items further when they see them in a good light and ultimately want to purchase them for their home or if the item is something to wear, bring the outfit home to wear.

Pot Lights are often installed when a building is erected, however; they can be put in place when the building is being renovated or remodeled to accommodate a different type or style of business or company. Some restaurant would be an ideal business for pot lights because they set a romantic tone if they are placed on a dimmer. The pot lights could be installed directly above the tables in addition to a salad bar area so that more light is placed on the food. This would help people to see what they are eating and place more emphasis on enjoying the cuisine. This will also help to bring customers back to the restaurant if they have had a good time.

Commercial Pot LightsPot lighting installed in office buildings where workers are at a desk and at their computer for long periods of time, make sense. The pot lights will focus more light on the computer and the desk so that the workers will experience less eye strain during their long hours of work. They should still get up and walk around the office and take regular breaks to get away from the computer as often as possible to relieve strain not only on their eyes, but on the rest of the body as well.