Basement Pot Lights Installation for a Better View

Basement Pot LightsFor those homeowners who have a basement, they know what its like to have to fill it with various lamps to try and brighten up the space. Many people are discovering the latest in lighting technology, pot lights. These are great for a basement setting because they lay flush to the ceiling so there is no worry of something hanging down for someone to walk into with such a low clearance.

Arranging Basement Pot Lights around the perimeter of a basement will allow a homeowner to angle the light bulbs inward and give the appearance of a larger room. Pot lights come in 3-inch to 6-inch sizes. In addition to placing the pot lights around the outside of the ceiling, a homeowner and electrician could find a configuration for the pot lights that would be suitable for the activities within the space. If the basement is going to be more of an entertainment area, then less pot lights would be in order because there would be less light needed. If the basement is going to be more of a 'game room' type atmosphere, then more pot lights would be needed.

The one configuration of pot lights a homeowner wants to stay away from is a line of them down the center of the room. This would give the impression of an airport runway and distract people from other d├ęcor in the room and not give off the proper light needed for any type of basement activity.

Some people make their basements into showroom style spaces. They place their prized artwork or sports memorabilia in frames so that dust and other particles will not destroy the delicate materials and fabrics. These types of frames are perfect for placing pot lights above them in order to direct a light on the item, a sort of 'spotlight' so that these items are easier to see in daylight or night light.

Another plan for basements is entertainment centers with large screen televisions and surround-sound speakers. Home theaters are very popular all across the country and people are using the pot lights to highlight the large screen TV sets or accent various areas of the 'theater' style room. Pot lights can make great mood lighting if hooked up to a dimmer switch so the light can be turned up or down depending on the movie or television program being viewed or the mood of the viewers.

Basement Pot LightsBesides a game room or home theater room, some homeowners are making there basement into a guest apartment type set of rooms. This would include a small bedroom and living room and perhaps a kitchen area off to one side. The pot lights would be ideal for this type of grouping of rooms. Besides being flush to the ceiling for maximum space, the pot lights are energy efficient. The light bulbs that come with most of the pot lights are low-heat, low-energy output but high efficiency. This is great for the environment because they don't need to be changed as often.