Low Voltage Pot Lights Saves Energy, Money

Low Voltage Pot LightsIn order to save on their electric bills, many families are switching to low voltage pot lights. These are typically 12 volt halogen bulbs in a variety of styles and sizes with various trims to accommodate several different décor in different areas of a house.

These Low Voltage Pot Lights are best installed by a professional electrician or lighting contractor who knows what they need and the best places to put the lights. Many lighting contractors will suggest that these low voltage pot lights or recessed lights make a pattern around the ceiling in order to maximize the lighting potential of the smaller lights. These lights come in sizes from 2-inch to 4-inch and have an array of trim styles. All of the low voltage pot lights are installed flush to the ceiling so they are great for just about any room. Basements, kitchens and bathrooms are the number one areas that people like to have the pot lights installed in.

There are low voltage pot lights in 2-inch MR11 halogen housing with different trim; 2-inch MR16 halogen housing and different style trims, 3-inch MR16 halogen housing and various trims; 4-inch MR16 halogen housing and various trims and the 4-inch MR16 halogen pot lights for sloping ceilings with various trims. These smaller lights make a big impact in the bathroom and kitchen areas or above a piece of artwork.

The compact size along with the low voltage make these pot lights ideal for installing above a portrait or shelf of knick-knacks or collectables so that they are in the 'spotlight'. The pot lights low voltage bulbs are movable and directional so they can be pointed in any direction their light is needed.

The low voltage pot lights have various styles of trim to help match nearly any room's décor. The trim is usually a piece of metal, however it could be made of different material to match a room's interior. Other options for trim could be a wood-like material or a frosted glass. These also come in different shapes other than flush or flat up against the ceiling.

There is Low Voltage Pot Lights that are specifically made for the bathroom and have a small fan built into the light so that a homeowner can turn on the light, the fan or both to help evacuate the steam from a shower.

Low Voltage Pot LightsWhen using pot lights for a bedroom or other larger room, the lighting contractor or electrician will come up with a lighting plan for placement of the pot lights. There are many different configurations for pot light placements. The one that no lighting contractor should agree to install is a group of pot lights directly down the center of the room. This is distracting and will not help the room with the lighting it needs to look larger and more inviting.

Placing the pot lights around the room in a circular pattern near the edge of the ceiling and wall is the best spot for them. This allows for the directional light bulb to be pointed towards the center of the room to make the room look larger.