Second Floor Pot Lights Installation Lights up a Large Area

Second Floor Pot LightsThere are many different ways to spruce up an older home when moving is not an option. And in this economy, many more people are choosing to remain in their homes rather than try to get a loan for a newer home in addition to trying to sell their existing one. Remodeling or a general refurbishing an existing space is what many homeowners are choosing as an alternative to selling and moving.

The main living quarters are often located on the second floor of the house. This is the perfect area to add several touches that don't cost a lot but will help to open up a room and help to make it look fresher and updated. Pot lights are one of the latest trends in lighting techniques for nearly every room in the house.

Installing Pot Lights in a circular pattern around the perimeter of the ceiling of a living room or dinning room will help to draw light into the space. The pot lights have a light bulb that will tilt in all directions making it easy to shine light where the homeowner wants it. Having most of pot lights pointing in towards the middle of the room will help to make the room appear larger.

There are many different configurations of pot lights on can use on the second floor of their home. However, one pattern everyone should stay away from is a row of pot lights directly down the middle of the room, either from the length or the width of the room. This will give the room the impression of an airport runway and distract from all other lighting and décor in the room. It will also not give more light to a room for the lights will be directly above the center and not disbursed around the room.

Second Floor Pot Lighting could be used to accent fine art and other home décor because of the directional light bulbs. They are used above photos and paintings to bring more light to the subjects. Sculptures and knick knacks could also be highlighted with pot lights for a better view of the items, especially those that are a part of a large collection of similar items.  

Second Floor Pot LightsThe bathrooms are another second floor room that would benefit from a couple pot lights. The pot lights come in  sizes from 3-inch to 6-inch, one for any size bathroom.

The bedrooms on a second floor are another ideal area of the home to place pot lighting. Again, a pattern that is close to the wall around the top of the ceiling would be best to bring in more light and make the room look and feel larger than it really is. If a woman has a vanity area where she puts on her makeup while getting ready in the morning or for an evening out, the area above this would be an ideal place for a pot light with its directional light bulb. Many older mirrored dressers with chairs and makeup areas do not have proper lighting for applying makeup.