Pot Lights for Drop Ceiling Leaves More Overhead Room

Drop Ceiling Pot LightsDrop Ceiling Pot Lights are one of the latest technologies in lighting for rooms. They are the prefect type of lighting fixture for a drop ceiling because they lay flush to the ceiling and will not add more inches to an already low clearance. With nothing hanging down, the space is more open and inviting, especially to taller people.

Many homeowners are adding to their existing living quarters rather than try and sell their home and purchase a new one. A lot of them are fixing up the basement or attic to accommodate a game room, home theater room or an extra bedroom for extra family or rental space to make some extra money for the family. Whatever the reason, using a drop ceiling is ideal because it creates a much cozier space and hides the original ceiling, which was probably not very attractive to begin with, behind a layer of ceiling tiles. Adding light to the space needs to be done and choosing pot lights is the best option. They help to maximize the light and allow a homeowner to keep nearly all of their existing space.

Pot lights lay flush with the ceiling so there is nothing hanging down. They will add light without adding anything to the room. A room could be decorated in any style a homeowner wants without the worry of having to purchase lamps and decide their placement.   

Pot Lights should be placed around 5-6 feet apart and should account for the walls because the lights give off a triangular shape of light which is about 9 feet wide. This makes the pot lights ideal for placing above a chair for reading or hand sewing. They could also be placed around a gaming table such as a pool table or poker game table.

A design should be figured before any drilling takes place. This should be done by a certified electrician or electric contractor who knows the placement of pot lights. They will know that drilling into a beam or digging out a hole where a load bearing wall is will not be a good thing for the house. Many of the die-hard do-it-yourselfers agree that electrical work should be left to the experts.

An electrician will know how to make a hole in the ceiling panels and attach the pot lights so they will be secure and not falling out of the hole. The pot lights sometimes are round but sometimes have a square box in back of them to accommodate more wires, a timer or motion sensor which helps to keep the light from staying on all the time and saving the homeowner money on their electric bill.

There are specially made pot lights for slopped ceilings as well as straight drop ceilings. These pot lights take into account the need for the lighting fixtures to be thicker at one end and thinner at the other in order to maintain a more balanced look.